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About Tri W Home Health Care LLC


Tri W Home Health Care was founded by Kay Leibfreid, an experienced Home Caregiver since 2003, with a vision of creating a compassionate care service that would treat people with respect, dignity and quality  first-rate care safely in the comfort of their own home.

Since its inception, Tri W  Home Health Care has grown a staff of  caregivers that  are experienced, well-educated, and committed to ensuring a high quality of life for all of our cherished clients. All of our employees must pass a rigorous background check before joining the Tri W Home Health Care team.  We are not a referral or registry agency.   We feel strongly that the Employer/Employee model best fits the Tri W Win Win Win philosophy for all parties.  We adhere to the highest standards in selecting Caregivers with character and integrity.

Tri W Home Health Care LLC

Our service area is West Central Missouri and Eastern Central Kansas

About Win Win Win

Our Mission at Tri W Home Health Care LLC is to help our clients solve their Long Term Care needs safely in the familiar surroundings and comfort of their own home.  As a business, we take a risk and expect to make a profit.  Our clients expect and deserve to be treated fairly with integrity and the person receiving care must receive quality compassionate care with dignity.  For any relationship to be successful, all parties must be satisfied that their needs are being fulfilled.  If it's not a good relationship for all parties, one or more parties will be unhappy and ultimately every party will suffer.  We work hard to help you in a creative way that produces a Win Win Win solution for everyone.            

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